Hello and Welcome to Her Tech Tales!

Meet Neha

     I was born and raised in Bangalore, India. I decided to make the big move in 2013, to start Grad school in Boston, USA. With a major in Information System, I took up software consulting (which is my current job) and have been in Chicago ever since.

     My passion to learn technology started in Grad school, which got me exploring the different flavors in software development. I started with web development and settled with big data and data visualization. To keep myself updated, I read tech blogs, research new tools and services and try to code every day.

What is Her Tech Tales?

     I have had an exciting career working as a consultant; I get to work on different areas of technology, with dynamic teams all the time. The only downside to this – often times I am the only woman on the team! That is when i felt like all of us have to work towards encouraging more women to join the tech force. To begin making my contribution to this movement, I began Her Tech Tales.

     Her Tech Tales is a blog dedicated to all female technologists around the world. I look forward to inspiring more women to pursue a career in technology by writing this blog, provide tutorials to learn or solve a problem in technology, read empowering tales of women in technology and have fun doing it all!  

With encouragement, support and continual learning, we can build a better tomorrow 🙂


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