A Developer’s Thanksgiving Note

A Developer’s Thanksgiving Note

It’s that time of the year, where every street is lit up with beautiful bright lights and decorated  with colorful ornaments. The holidays have arrived! It’s time to take a break from everything and just enjoy the festivities with our dear ones. So, I wanted to make this week’s post a short and sweet one with all the technicalities kept aside 🙂

Before we go any further, I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! Have a wonderful time with your loved ones and feast on 😉

Let’s take a moment to be thankful for all the wonderful inventions that not only make our everyday easier, but also have opened up so many opportunities for us to work with and make a better, brighter tomorrow.

Here’s me saying thank you to a few tech inventions, for being with me through good and bad every single day 😀


Search engine : Let’s just say without these, we can’t get through the day! I can’t think how I would make it through my Master’s if not for this. As for my work days, I always have a couple of tabs open – whether it is searching syntax, or for looking for a block of code or doing some research on which tool to use. Search engines cuts us so much slack and makes us feel smart all the time!


E-calendar :  My daily schedule is so dependent on these calendars I tell you. Organizing me of meetings through the day, reminding about my upcoming travel – from 24 hours before my flight takes off to hotel reservations. It’s such a savior for anyone who is constantly in the air. Plus I make use of it for scheduling all of my blog related activities – sitting to write an article, posting it at the right time. It is literally like you can make a brain dump, and then it just reminds you of task at hand.


Online developer community : So thankful to all the people participating in these communities. Every time there is a minute doubt, I head to one of these communities to find answers(my go to are Stack Overflow, Github and Code Project)! It just saves so much time and makes my development faster. Also, if I am trying to learn a new tool or language, these communities have so much to offer – from suggestions, to sample projects.


Code assist : It can be called by different names for different IDE or tools or on your cellphones, but the sole purpose is to assist in auto completion of code. Whether it is Netbeans or IntelliJ or any SQL query editor, I have been used the autocomplete feature constantly. It feels like the software knows what you are looking for! It is super helpful when a chunk of code is written on your behalf, isn’t it?  

The Internet : 99% of my days work is on the internet. None of the above mentioned would have been possible if not for the internet. I would not be able to connect with all of you reading this post if not for this. It goes without saying how thankful we all are for this one amazing invention.

I could go on forever with the list! As a closing note I would like to say, we all need to take a moment to be thankful for all the extraordinary inventions and the creators behind them, to make our lives smoother and faster! Time to say your thank yous now. What are you most thankful for?

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